Create the extraordinary with the unusual

KUIYOU was founded in 1998, specializing in the production and execution of TV advertisements. With over two decades of continuous progress and transformation, KUIYOU has evolved into a film and television creative group. Along the way, KUIYOU started with video production, focusing on high-end production and every detail, KUIYOU expanded its portfolio to include graphic execution, 3D production, and eventually ventured into the film industry. The four major sectors of KUIYOU are self-contained and interdependent, showing ever-changing adaptability and vitality.

In its primary business of video production, KUIYOU has adhered to rigorous and top-tier production standards for over 20 years. With stable professional teams and solid business capabilities, we always strive for excellence in every detail, producing  compelling and attractive works. KUIYOU also embraces the producer-centered concept of the Japanese advertising production industry, optimizing the value of each project with a rigorous attitude and reasonable production process. In addition, KUIYOU is familiar with the Japanese cultural environment and advertising production system, and by discerning the needs of local clientele, KUIYOU has cultivated a more international perspective. From traditional TV commercials to online ads, promotional videos, MVs, micro-movies and other fields, KUIYOU continues to explore the possibilities in video production.

In 2014, the KUIYOU Group founded FANSHE SPACE, which, in addition to video production, offers graphic related services, including professional photography, photo editing, conceptualization, and studio and equipment rental. Whether it is graphic photography or video production, professional producers lead an elite team to ensure impeccable execution.

For film and television post-production design and CG production, the subsidiary SHOUJIANG provides customers with pre-production consultation, on-site technical support, and post-production design and production services. We supply CG animation and special effects for a diverse range of advertisements and video productions, such as TV commercials, Autostereoscopy, large-scale exhibition LED video, etc. SHOUJIANG also provides advanced solutions like VR and AR production, real-time on-site tracking, motion capture, facial capture, and live performance laser projection.

The KUIYOU Group recently established KUIYOU Media and reached strategic partnerships with Dongyuan Culture and Light Knight to invest in film, which marks a shift from the small screen to silver screen, advancing towards full-scale film production.

KUIYOU Group cooperates with outstanding directors and production crews globally, consistently experimenting new images and styles to produce increasingly refined and inventive works. Over 20 years journey, the KUIYOU Group, with its deep professional heritage, pioneering spirit, and high production standards, has been at the forefront of innovation and evolution.

From the past to the future, KUIYOU creates the extraordinary with the unusual.





最早那会儿,拍片和冲片要去香港,剪辑后期要去广州,上海的广告行业刚刚起步,葵友从日本AOI Pro引入了制片人中心制,制作了很多当时的经典案例:比如光明牛的系列逐格动画、比如CG效果惊艳的夏普液晶电视广告。










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